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You Sure Do Have a Pretty Mouth

I don’t know what gets into me this late at night when everything I start writing has nothing to do with the actual subject until the very end. Maybe it was a poor attempt at being cleaver at 1:00am? I’m really going to regret staying up this late come tomorrow morning. I WILL need lots and lots of coffee.

So this has nothing do with mouths but it does have to do with pretty packaging. A while back I fell in love with some packaging ideas I found on Pinterest. And I don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s a girl thing but I reallly like getting a package that looks like a gift. It just feels like a lot of extra care was put into it. Am I alone in this?

So anyway, I started doing the same. The reviews have been fab. It does take a bit of extra time but I think that’s just because I’ve always been a slow and poor wrapper. I don’t even give out Christmas gifts that look that nice. The best someone will get for me is a present wrapped in paper towels or still in the bag of the store it came from.

It sometimes makes me wish I had kids….so they could do it for me.

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Artist of beautiful oil & acrylic paintings, creepy charcoal drawings and collector of kitties. I also enjoy being vague as well as other things.

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