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From Start to Finish

I’ve started documenting my painting and drawing process because I figure if I find watching another artists’ process interesting, perhaps others mind find mine interesting as well?

So for a few close people who know me well….. and now all of you, ( my new bffs ) 🙂 , you know that I have this fascination with moving to Montana or Wyoming. (Previously it was Portland.) Why? Because TREES that’s why! I love me some gigantic pine trees on hills with grass and wild things (that won’t kill me). I also apparently love parenthesis? 🙂 and smiley faces.

But in the last few years, I’ve become a hermit and I LOVE it. So Portland is out. Waaay too social, albeit, good coffee. So therefore, I must one day move to Wyoming or Montana because it’s much more secluded. AKA: Less assholes and idiots. I fell in love with that after I started watching Longmire which I started watching because of Starbuck from BSG. Shout out!! But really, it’s a neat show. You should give it a whirl. It’s on Netflix now. Gratitude! ( Spartacus reference there.) 🙂

Ok so now that you know the back back back story, the back story about the trees is part of my endless curiosity of the “what’s around the corner” bit. But with nature, you take one beautiful winding path and it can go on forever or lead you to others and then you’re at the inevitable fork in the road and which do you take? It doesn’t really matter at that point because if you’re me, then you’re SOL because I have a shitty sense of direction and I’m lost. With my luck, they may just find my cold dead body after the next thaw.

BUT STILL….I want to explore. It just beckons me. Am I alone in this? Surely there must be more of me (but you) out there.

So that’s what this painting is about. It’s one of those paths that just calls my name to seek out what’s in there if I just keep walking. It’s a little dark in the forest but it’s quite cheery comparatively if you’ve ever seen some of my charcoal drawings.

So without further adieu, I give you my process on this painting…..which I have yet to name.

Any suggestions? Seriously… I’d love to hear some suggestions. 🙂



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