When I realized…

that my childhood dream of marrying New Kid on the Block, Jordan Knight wasn’t going to pan out, I decided it was time to fulfill my other dream that had been tugging at me the last few years.

I’ve always loved getting my hands dirty, even as a kid playing in the dirt with my brother’s discarded Hot Wheels. Nowadays, nothing feels better than a couple of hands full of paint…and some on the canvas too. 🙂

Painting invokes that cozy feeling of contentment. It’s sort of like curling up in a soft bed with your favorite blanket on a cold, rainy day with some pizza and reading your favorite book or watching a good movie. It’s in those moments, when I feel happiest and all is right with the world.

I owe it all to my dad when he grounded me for 2 months during my sophomore year of high school for failing a 9 week period of Spanish. (Thanks, dad! <–sarcastic tone.) No tv, phone or friends. Just school, homework….and then suddenly Bob Ross and his happy clouds and happy trees gave me a reason to climb out of my depths of despair.

Fast forward several years when I’ve finally decided to take time to rekindle the flame with my first love, art, and voila! Here we are. 🙂

So thank you, dad for grounding me and thank you, Bob Ross for introducing me to paint!


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