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I’ve got the photo editing bluesΒ 

I haven’t posted anything in my Etsy shop since about mid May. I’ve been working on: my own website this blog newer and better photos editing new photos  creating prints from my art And some actually painting So much to do. I’m excited but I want to get back to creating! 😳 But I WILL POST new stuff to my shop today! Oh yes… I will.☺️ Advertisements

Time waits for no one

Super excited! I received my new mini camcorder today! Now I can start making time lapse videos of my art and maybe even tutorials with more control! I love Amazon Prime! It’s the closest thing that feeds my instant gratification need without having to venture out in my pajamas. I’ve even stopped caring just enough to not even bother wearing a bra….and yes I need one.😁 I see a bright future that involves a lot of : mumu dresses and Cats βœ”οΈ 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

From Start to Finish

I’ve started documenting my painting and drawing process because I figure if I find watching another artists’ process interesting, perhaps others mind find mine interesting as well? So for a few close people who know me well….. and now all of you, ( my new bffs ) πŸ™‚ , you know that I have this fascination with moving to Montana or Wyoming. (Previously it was Portland.) Why? Because TREES that’s why! I love me some gigantic pine trees on hills with grass and wild things (that won’t kill me). I also apparently love parenthesis? πŸ™‚ and smiley faces. But in the last few years, I’ve become a hermit and I LOVE it. So Portland is out. Waaay too social, albeit, good coffee. So therefore, I must one day move to Wyoming or Montana because it’s much more secluded. AKA: Less assholes and idiots. I fell in love with that after I started watching Longmire which I started watching because of Starbuck from BSG. Shout out!! But really, it’s a neat show. You should give it …

Time to Sit Down and Cat

Sitting down to paint one of my favorite subjects. Here’s a little secret that not everyone knows about… ya know how they say some artists put a little bit of themselves into their paintings? A little bit of my cats goes into every painting. That sounds a little odd or Hannibalish. All I mean is that with 4 cats, the fur tends to fly. No matter how hard I try, it’s in there somewhere. I can almost guarantee it even if you can’t see it. πŸ™‚ By the way, does it look like someone else took that picture? It was actually a selfie which was very hard to do without a selfie stick and make it look like I had no idea that a photo was being taken of me.Β  I should have been an actress. πŸ™‚  

Animals with Issues

So one day I’m painting this 2 piece alligator set for a friend of mine. I thought I was done and when I went to take a photo of it to show her, I noticed I forgot to paint one of the back legs. SUPER embarrassing moment! I couldn’t believe I forgot a leg. The poor alligator looked like it had been amputated (insert light bulb moment here) Yes! It DID look like he had been amputated! What IF I meant to do that! There could be a whole series of dysfunctional animals. I could go through the whole fregin alphabet over and over.Β  And so that began the whole Animals with issues series. So far there’s these below and counting. Issac the Immoral Iguana with IBS Jacob the Jaded Jellyfish with Jaundice Kathy the Kinky Kegal Exercising Kangaroo Gary the Grouchy Gang Tatted Goat Archie the Angry Amputated Alligator Barry the Bossy Beheaded Bear Charlie the Cranky Coke Snorting Camel Harriet the Hottie Hooker Hog