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Cultural food to the rescue!

I feel unusually close to my roots today. I’ve been all about the Mexican ( Messican) food today. First it was breakfast tacos that consisted of  Barbacoa Guisada Chorizo and egg (Sorry no photo here. I inhaled these before I could remember to take a photo) But they were delish! Thanks Mama Margies! I didn’t even have to get out of my pajamas because God invented drive throughs.😏 Now it’s chicken and cheese enchiladas with beans and rice for lunch.😋  Now that I’m fueled, back to some art! Advertisements

There’s a giant hole in this chair

 Hint: it’s a toilet. Yes, I’m blogging from the restroom. I have good reasons for this though. I needed to go I have my phone with me This could be why I live alone Day 2 of blogging. I’m not sure if I’ll do this EVERY day but so far I’m 2 for 2. Does anyone know if the “cool” kids use the word blogging as they blog? Is that just a noob thing? Probably the latter. Things to do today: Eat & watch tv Take better photos of my stuff Nap & cough up hair ball Create awesome art  Repeat 1-4

Because Cats

It’s been a lazy, rainy Saturday and after much contemplation, at 11:57 pm, I decided now would be the best time for me to start my blog. As I sit here on my couch binge watching the 3rd season of OITNB, I wondered, what exactly am I going to write about? What is the one thing that would make all the peeps out there complain and comment about click  baiting them but then still proceed to do exactly what they protest?? What will my first Unicorn blog be about? I feel that if you set your expectations low enough, there isn’t anywhere to go but up. So for my first blog post, the subject is about nothing and therefore it is about everything. Hence the title of “Because Cats” because why the hell not, right? I have 4 cats (indoor) and at least 3  stray cats, some stray dogs and an opposom. All the strays and the possum aren’t really mine. I just try to feed the stray kitties in my neighborhood because I feel bad for them. …